Mercedes G63 6×6 vs The Snow: Snowcat Saves The Day!

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You would know that something is off when a proven off-roader like the Mercedes-AMG G63 can’t drive in the snowy terrain and this is exactly what happened earlier today. To make it more interesting, the G63 that found itself trapped in the slush is the one with 6 wheels.

Such a vehicle is supposed to lead an example in the unforgiving environment but it failed to do just that. The G63 6×6 that was stuck on a snowy area got caught on camera and the clip of the happening went viral via Instagram.

Some are saying that the G63 6×6 was equipped with the wrong tires and/or being driven by a bad driver but these are all based on speculations only. The good news here is that the G63 managed to find its way out of the snow bed thanks to the help of a Snowcat.

Panzer down! & this happened… not even the #SnowCat… #Cortina

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