Mercedes GLE & S-Class Dragged Into Recall Mess

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Mercedes had to issue 4 recalls to address some of the issues that their vehicles are experiencing and the Mercedes GLE and S-Class will be affected by the biggest one of the four.

The first recall will address the problem of the latches of the left-rear passenger doors not latching on properly. Models affected by the issue will be inspected and have their lock mechanisms replaced if needed. Around 8700 units from the GLE, GLS, and S-Class range from 2017 and 2018 are affected by this recall.

The second recall will affect the GLC. 8134 units of GLC models will have to get their headlights checked and readjusted. The other two recalls affect only a small number for vehicles.432 units of G550 will be recalled back after it was reported that their power brakes might not be working properly while another 10 units of AMG GT models will have to return to get their passenger airbags software updated or passenger seat cushion replaced. This is only for those that opt for the AMG Performance Seats.

All recall campaigns will start this month.