Mercedes Hands Tesla A Financial Boost!

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Yes, you read that right. Tesla has apparently gotten a little richer thanks to Mercedes-Benz. However, this is not because of a business deal or some funding which Mercedes has offered to Tesla. Instead, it is thanks to the insurance claims which Tesla will get after a Mercedes-Benz SLK crashed into their store.

Tesla is an EV carmaker that does not have a dealer network hence every Tesla shop is owned and managed by the brand. One shop suffered damages after a Mercedes-SLK crashed into the store and this gives Tesla access to a big insurance claim.

It is pretty unfortunate for the old driver as he panicked when losing control of the car which resulted in him mistaking the gas pedal for the brake pedal. It resulted in the SLK speeding out of control before coming to a complete stop at the face of several Tesla vehicles in the showroom.

The good news here is that nobody was hurt by the accident and it gets better for Tesla as they can get a little extra from the insurance claim.