Mercedes Project One Goes Overboard With F1 Obsession

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F1 cars have had a lot of influence in the development of sports cars and Mercedes wants to take it further with the Project One.

The hypercar from Mercedes is projected to arrive in 2020 and it promises a performance that is purely insane. We thought this was nothing more than a form of speech used to create hype but we were wrong.

It appears that Mercedes meant it literally after they revealed that the Project One will be equipped with a small capacity 1.6L turbocharged V6 engine that can develop more than 1,000hp. Furthermore, the car’s red line will be at the 11,000rpm mark.

This is really crazy for a product road-legal vehicle and it doesn’t help knowing that the Project One’s shape will be greatly inspired by pure F1 cars. The full reveal will take place on September 12 tomorrow and we can’t wait to go mental at the vehicle.