Mercedes Project One Saves The Environment With Manhandled Hill Climb

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In a world where the automotive scene is constantly getting pressured by environmentalist, Mercedes-AMG has appeared to strike gold through their newest supercar – Project One.

With the genetics of a Formula One vehicle embedded on its core, the Project One promises to offer the fastest performance around and it even has the looks to impress. But if there’s one thing the Project One is not, it isn’t too friendly to the environment.

However, it isn’t like Mercedes-AMG didn’t spare some thought for the environment. The Project One features a hybrid setup where 4 electric motors accompany a 1.6L V6 engine to develop a whopping 1,000hp.

While the EPA figures are not out yet, we can already appreciate the green efforts of the Mercedes-AMG Project One after witnessing the car going up a hill by utilizing three adult human beings pushing its rear. This is green energy at its finest.