Mercedes Reliability Gets Last Laugh Over BMW & Audi!

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Reliability is an important thing to look into when buying a car. After all, nobody wants to spend heavily for a vehicle that will end up sitting at the workshop longer than their garage.

There are many ways to see how reliable a car is and one of them is through studying J.D. Power reliability study. The auto research firm had just released their findings for 2017 UK vehicle dependability and it saw an interesting change to the pecking order.

Focusing on the luxury market, Volvo sits at the top with no signs of breaking down. The Swedish brand is on-par with Kia in points at the top of the charts. The next notable name is Mercedes-Benz which scored 129 points, just 2 points above the industry average.

This achievement from Mercedes puts it far ahead of rivals BMW and Audi. Audi is in second-last place with 187 points whereas BMW is anchored at last position with 198 points.

The reliability details of these brands can be found on JD’s website and it may help you in making your decision on your next luxury car purchase.