Mercedes X-Class Brushes Off Acura Pickup Truck Threats

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It seems that many are curious to find out how the market will react to the birth of the luxury pickup truck through the upcoming Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Even carmakers are anticipating the X-Class’ arrival as they need to know how the public will react to it.

Honda’s luxury arm, Acura, is among those that are monitoring the X-Class closely. If the luxury pickup truck turns out to be a huge hit, Acura has expressed their desire to compete in the new segment with their own premium ute.

While details were not provided, we are fully expecting Acura’s pickup truck project to be based on the Honda Ridgeline. It is just like every other vehicle from Acura that mirrors the cars from Honda before getting tweaked for the luxury market.

If our prediction is right, then we don’t see how a Ridgeline with more blings to offer can really scare off the X-Class. The latter is going to be very different from a traditional pickup truck, something which the Ridgeline will never be able to offer – even when upgraded with more premium parts.

Mercedes has made it clear that they are not bothered by the carmakers which are busy stalking on the X-Class and this is probably because it will take a while before a rival can come up with the same standards of luxury which the X-Class will have to offer.