Mercedes X-Class Could Still Ruin Honda Ridgeline’s Plans

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About a year ago, Honda launched the all-new Ridgeline as they attempt to dominate the US pickup truck market like how they did with the compact sedan market. The Ridgeline is equipped with many exciting features but its niche offerings prevented the vehicle from leaping straight into success.

Today, things are at its worst state as the Ridgeline is struggling to return decent sales figures. If that is not bad enough, the Ridgeline is right at the bottom of the sales charts for several straight months already.

Things will not get any easier in the near future as Mercedes-Benz is planning to compete in the midsized market with the upcoming X-Class. The German luxury carmaker is seeing a lot of potential with the US midsized segment and they believe that the X-Class can conquer the segment.

We have already seen spy shots of the X-Class and now, we can get a better idea of the vehicle’s styling after official photos of the vehicle surfaced online. As how you can see above, the X-Class looks exquisite and it will be the eye-candy in the midsized segment. Will this lead to the Ridgeline’s demis?