Mercedes X-Class: Even An Acura Pickup Can Bring Doom!

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is not looking to make its debut here in the US and this should be seen as a piece of good news. We say so because nothing about the X-Class is exciting at all.

On the performance front, the X-Class is still behind the average pickup truck in the US in terms of hauling abilities and also on-road experience.

Mercedes can defend this point by claiming that the X-Class is a luxury pickup truck but this won’t work on us because the vehicle is years behind Mercedes’ standards of luxury.

Just by observing the design of the X-Class, you can still see a lot of Nissan Navara and there is nothing worth boasting about it at all. The interior is no different as the layout and finish looks no better than the CLA Class.

It goes to say that even Acura can do a better job at developing a luxury pickup truck – something which they are rumoured to be doing at present moment.

The mysterious pickup truck from Acura is said to be based on the Ridgeline and it will have SH-AWD as well as a hybrid powertrain. Even if this is just a rumour, the sound of the luxury Acura Ridgeline is already more exciting than the X-Class. Wouldn’t you agree?