Mercedes X-Class Gets Sweaty After BMW Talks X5 Pickup!

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a luxury midsized pickup truck that never managed to get a positive reception from the crowd. The public is basically split with one half loving what the X-Class has to offer and the other half hating on the vehicle for being a poser in the pickup truck scene.

The X-Class may have a respectable performance for a pickup truck but the fact that the vehicle is largely based on a Nissan truck makes it an unexciting offering. If that is not bad enough, the X-Class rely on a Renault-made engine instead of a mill from Mercedes-Benz. The only Mercedes bits are with the ride refinements, design and in-cabin features.

With such a setup, it is easy to understand why many view the X-Class as a crash grab project from Mercedes that is aimed for badge hunters. It is also why the critics are hoping for a response from BMW as they know that the rival brand can expose the X-Class for being a ‘poser’.

Well, BMW has actually responded to the demand for a pickup truck and they revealed that they don’t see any potential in producing a luxury utility vehicle. However, BMW Australia has a different opinion as they believe that there is a need for an X5-based pickup truck.

Marc Werner of BMW Australia made it known to the public that the company has been requesting headquarters to approve the development of an X5-based pickup truck as their data has shown promising prospects for the vehicle in the region.

With such a loud comment and having a strong market research to back BMW Australia up, it now looks more likely for the X5-based pickup truck to get developed – something which will leave the X-Class in a state of unease.