Mercedes X-Class Has Found Its Raptor Recipe

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a pickup truck that can be described as a luxury-loaded Nissan Navarra. The X-Class is based on the pickup truck from Nissan and it features Mercedes’ refinements as well as the company’s standard of luxury.

The higher trims on the X-Class family tells it all as it features a feature-packed design and an interior styling that is typical from Mercedes-Benz. While this may add diversity in the pickup truck scene, many still view the X-Class as a cash grab attempt aimed at badge buyers.

These folks felt this way due to the fact that the X-Class is severely lacking on the things that matter most for pickup trucks – its utility duties. Well, it appears that Mercedes has heard them loud and clear and they have since been working on a more utility-focussed X-Class.

The details are unclear at the moment but a leak spy shot has convinced us that the more rugged X-Class is in the works when it shows a model that has a longer bed. Rumours have since been claiming that the upcoming X-Class is going to be the range-topping model.

If true, then the X-Class in the spy shots can be said as proof that Mercedes can pull off a potential Raptor with the pickup truck.