Mercedes X-Class Has Made It Possible For Acura To Compete!

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Several months ago, Mercedes-Benz launched a brand new pickup truck called the X-Class. Based on the Nissan Navara, the X-Class is made to inject some luxuries in a rugged and dirty segment.

Well, we can say that the X-Class lived up to its goals as the vehicle does not come with a Mercedes-made engine and it has a respectable off-road performance. Heck, we can also commend the X-Class for having a stellar payload capacity.

So where is the Mercedes in the X-Class?

The answer to this is with the cabin and the design. The X-Class may not have the best looks for a pickup truck and its appearance is also far off from our imagination of a luxury pickup but we can commend the front end of the X-Class for having that typical Mercedes’ finish.

As for the interior, getting the higher end trims will transform a very basic cabin into one that is on the same spectrum with a C-Class or E-Class.

It goes to suggest that Mercedes did little with the X-Class as they only left their imprint on the design front. With that being said, Acura can compete with the X-Class through improving on the Honda Ridgeline.

The Ridgeline is pretty similar to the Nissan Navara and all it needs is some upmarket finish from Acura. Acura has also mentioned before that they are monitoring on the sales performance of the X-Class and if there is potential for success, they will be willing to compete.