Mercedes X-Class Linked To A Big Role in Next Nissan Z Development

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Reports from Japan are rife in claiming that Nissan has commenced development of the next Z-car and the vehicle will be replacing the aging 370Z when released.

What intrigued us is that the reports also claimed the next Z to be called the 400Z and Mercedes-AMG will play a big role in its development. Much like how Nissan helped Mercedes built the X-Class, the German luxury brand will aid Nissan in the development of the 400Z.

The 400Z will rely on the 3L twin-turbo V6 engine that is sourced from the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport and the mill will get refined further by Mercedes-AMG. Perhaps it is the German’s brand way of repaying the favour that is the X-Class.

The total output of the next Z-car will be 400hp hence the name 400Z. Keeping in mind that the first GT-R shook the world with 480hp only, the 400Z promises to be a world-beater in the affordable sports car scene. Will it happen though?