Mercedes X-Class Pickup: Making Fun Of The American Dream

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Anyone with the slightest of knowledge on the automotive industry should know better that Americans and pickup trucks share a bond that is unbreakable. The US is the hometown of the pickup truck culture hence this explains why the best utes can be found in this country.

We are pretty sure that Mercedes-Benz is aware of this fact hence we are surprised that the carmaker is yet to be decisive in regards to the upcoming X-Class. The luxury pickup truck’s fate in the US is still uncertain as Mercedes can’t choose whether to launch the vehicle there.

Last month, Mercedes said that the X-Class is unlikely to arrive in the US due to the small prospects for luxury pickup trucks in the country. Earlier this month, Mercedes changed their mind when they see the US as a gold mine for pickup trucks. Now, the carmaker is back again to clarify that pickup truck popularity in the US is only for the large models. Anything midsized is a risky attempt.

This basically means that the X-Class is now unlikely to arrive in the US despite of the country’s strong reputation in the pickup truck scene. But of course, the decision may be taking a swift turn again in the near future. Don’t hold your breath.