Mercedes X-Class Shows Nissan Frontier Owners What They’re Missing

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Give Mercedes-Benz a really bad vehicle to play with and they will turn it into gold. This is starting to look like a Mercedes shtick but all will be certain if the upcoming X-Class managed to turn into a hit.

The luxury pickup truck is currently in its final stages of development and today, we can get a rough idea on how the vehicle will look like thanks to the spy shots that surfaced earlier today.

The shots saw the Mercedes X-Class being tested in winter conditions but the visuals are hidden under thick camouflage. However, if the structure is anything to go by, it does seem oddly too similar to the Nissan Navara and Frontier.

Well, this cannot be helped as the X-Class is based on the Navara NP300, which on the other hand is based on the Frontier. Even so, Mercedes reiterated many times that they want the X-Class to be a start of a brand new luxury pickup truck segment hence we can expect the vehicle to be special.

For all we know, it can go both ways. The X-Class may end up being poor due to it being developed alongside the Navara NP300 or it can be exceptional to a point where Frontier owners will feel left out.