Mercedes X-Class Tempting Lincoln Into Reviving Blackwood?

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The Mercedes-Benz X-Class may not be the pickup truck you would buy and this is due to the vehicle’s high-calling price and unproven ability in the rough terrain.

For the pickup truck loyalist, they find the X-Class to be nothing more than a Nissan Navara dressed in a luxury outfit and made for badge buyers. Well, even if it is, Mercedes is not regretting their decision one bit at all because the X-Class is well-received over in Europe. It has even led BMW to consider on the development of a luxury pickup truck.

If a trend is to happen, we feel that Ford should follow suit through their luxury arm, Lincoln. Ford don’t have to think hard about building a new model as all they can do is to revive the Lincoln Blackwood. The Blackwood is a popular name back in the days and it would be great to have the vehicle revived with current technologies.

While nothing official has been mentioned about a new Blackwood, it is wrong to say that Ford has never spared any thought for it.

Lincoln, like the Ford brand, is skewing to utility vehicles for the bulk of its portfolio. The Ford brand will have 86 percent of its portfolio in trucks and SUVs by 2020. Lincoln has not had a pickup since the Blackwood, Having the Blackwood revived will only put Lincoln back into the mix.