Mercedes X-Class: US Doors Open After Frontier Confirmation!

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The Mercedes X-Class is a fully capable midsized pickup truck that is of luxury status but the performance which the vehicle has to offer is something which we can’t recognize as a Mercedes at all.

The stiff ride and rugged handling is easy to notice on the X-Class and the vehicle also runs on a mill that is sourced by Nissan-Renault. This cannot be helped as the Mercedes-Benz in the X-Class is only limited to looks and refinements. The vehicle is pretty much a Nissan Navarra that is has got a luxury upgrade.

Perhaps, this is partly the reason why Mercedes is not planning to offer the X-Class here in the US where the crowd is very critical towards pickup trucks. Anything that is unlike the traditional American pickups will be quick to get ignored – something which the Honda Ridgeline is suffering from.

But then again, there is still potential for the X-Class in the US, especially after Nissan announced on a new generation Frontier. The Frontier is the Navarra’s American twin and it will welcome a new-generation model that runs on a newly-built gasoline V6 engine.

At the moment, the X-Class has got a 2L turbo-4 mill as the only gasoline option – something which will be poorly received in the US. Knowing that diesels are much less popular here, the new V6 can open the doorway for the X-Class to cross the Atlantic pond.

The added advantage for the X-Class is with Americans thirst for the Mercedes badge. If the X-Class can offer borderline good performance, it is likely to move in big numbers due to the consumers’ desire for the brand.