Mercedes X-Class vs Audi A4 Pickup: Audi Should Not Even Try

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It is no secret that Mercedes-Benz is currently developing a luxury pickup truck and the vehicle will be called the X-Class. While it may not be the first time for a luxury carmaker to show interest in pickup trucks, Mercedes has got some big goals with the X-Class.

The top priority here is for the X-Class to come out and stay. The problem with past luxury pickup trucks is that they failed to make it rain gold hence they get discontinued early on. The upcoming X-Class looks like it may be able to achieve its goal, especially when knowing that there is a bad response for the Audi A4 Pickup Truck.

In case you are unaware, Smyth Performance has been offering a tune that can convert your aging Audi A4 into a compact pickup truck. The changes will be made only to the structure of the car. Under the hood, the A4 will keep running on whatever is available.

Despite offering an affordable body convert, reception of the A4 Pickup Truck has been very poor and this is due to it providing no purpose to the masses. Whereas in the X-Class’ case, the vehicle is built as a pickup truck from the ground up thus making it the real deal.

With the A4 Pickup not getting the thumbs up from the majority, it is best for Audi to stay away from the pickup truck segment and just give the X-Class a closed eye.