Mercedes X-Class: What If Porsche Picks Up Pickup Challenge?

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The answer to this question is probably with the picture above. Porsche may not show interest in building a pickup truck but if they are to do so, it sounds right for the vehicle to be based on the Cayenne.

The latter has got the right measurements for a pickup truck conversion and it can give the Mercedes-Benz X-Class a run for its money – provided that Porsche is able to retain its performance formula with the Cayenne Pickup.

The rendering above is a product from X-Tomi and he believes that the Cayenne Pickup will have the right weight distribution for the ultimate pickup truck track performance.

Sure, Porsche may have no desire to compete with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class but we still believe that the vehicle above can get the job done. If you are Porsche, would you use the Cayenne or some other vehicle to compete with the X-Class?

Credits: X-Tomi