Mercedes X-Class Wins No Favors For AMG Upgrade

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If you are a fan of pickup trucks, then you should be aware of the upcoming model from Mercedes-Benz – the X-Class. Dubbed as the vehicle that will reignite the craze for luxury pickups, the X-Class is expected to arrive with all the luxurious features on-board, like every other car from Mercedes-Benz.

But if you are hoping to see an AMG variant getting produced some time in the future, you best look elsewhere because it is not happening. An interview with Mercedes today confirmed that AMG wants no part in the X-Class and they didn’t provide an explanation for it.

However, if the rumors are to be referred to, it is because the X-Class shares the same DNA as the Nissan Navarra. The Nissan underpinnings are not modifiable due to the fact that it belongs to Nissan and the architecture is not made for an insane performance.

As such, it is unlikely for Mercedes to launch the X43 or X63 AMG in the future to come. So unless there is going to be a surge in demand for a performance X-Class, we are not expecting to see any AMG handprints on the X-Class.