Mid-Engine Corvette Forced Out By Chevy Camaro?

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It is no secret that GM is developing a brand new halo car and it is reported to be a Corvette with a mid-engine setup. The vehicle will have so much power to offer when released and it will be competing with other supercars like the Audi R8, Ford GT and also the Nissan GT-R.

While it does look like an exciting future for GM, many are still struggling to accept a mid-engine Corvette. Why is the car even getting developed?

The way we see it, the current Corvette is already being threatened by the all-new Chevrolet Camaro, which happens to come with so much power to offer. The differences between the range-topping Camaro and the base Vette is so little that Corvette needs a big revolution.

In simpler terms, the new Camaro is the entity that is forcing out the mid-engine Corvette. What do you think?


  1. George R Butler

    August 18, 2016 at 10:52 am

    the mid vet would give back the separation between the two. camaro will already eat the base vet

  2. Paul D.

    August 18, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Two different cars by the same maker. Corvette is supposed to be the premier GM sports car, but with sooo many options and models, the lower corvette gets beat by the Camaro, not in performance, although very close, the base corvette costs way more when compaired to the SS camaro. 450hp, in a stock 1lt base SS…too much performance, too many vette models. There should be one Corvette, just one, and it should absolutely kick the shit out of anything from over seas or domestic. An exotic, 3300 lbs, 800 hp, with the magnetic ride control and carbon fiber brakes, a true, hand made interior that smells of performance,a Ford GT killer….Limited runs each year, drive up the price, drive up the mystique, the pride of ownership and people will stare. Let Camaro’s and Mustang’s do their thing, ruling the streets, let the Vette and GT do battle on paper and the track. All the Hype over the last “King of the Hill” the last gen ZR1 was awesome, what it did to everything, if it didn’t beat it in 1/4, then go look at cost, it won everytime, but maybe, just maybe something would fall off, like a bumper cover, a light or the seat broke in a corner.. Make the Vette what it should be, Bad Ass, mysterious, unbeatable, lusted after, an American masterpiece. If GM built it, the highest quality super car it could, a true handcrafted working monster, small block, big block, supercharged or twin turbo, the American buyer would scream “thank god, finally” regardless of were the engine were placed. Maybe then, the rest of the world would say the same, it’s a “Vette” I must have one. The current fleet of base corvette owners, the repeat buyer who trades in every 24 months and expects the same thing each time, are the ones keeping it around, but also killing it. Those buyers need Camaro’s. If you want to create a true legend, build something a 13 year old puts posters of on the wall, make them tear down the Lambo and Ferrari posters, leave the chicks in Bikini’s and proudly put up the “Vette” next to Kate Upton or whomever the current craving is…Build it, please, we will buy it.

  3. Don Campbell @ Sears Point

    August 18, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    front engine rear drive as you know has limits…..remember the AFX light weight acid dipped factory production altered wheel base cars made in batches of 50….SS/B 65 Belvedere 426 Hemi Dick Landry…Spaulding Dodge Norm…Ronnie Sox Dick Martin the list is Impressive ….Length favors lateral transfer but light weight wins and traction is King….mid engine solves all of these problems on the first try….the new Corvette is one of the best….thank you for that….but the 69 427 aluminum camaro was a beast savage in every respect….but they do not make a tire that will hold these cars on planet earth and that is the problem Dr. Valve lash; sorry to say…as a personal favor to me bring up the Driving Instructor for the Highway Patrol on YouTube….you will understand what i mean…..and please Do make the mid engine vette with twin turbo’s and the ZR1 and fender flares stuffed with monster meat all the way to Chula Vista….you will thank me