Mid-Engine Corvette: More Signs Pointing To 2017 Release

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We have hear plenty about the mid-engine Corvette that is being developed by GM but we never really know when the car is expected to make its debut. That was the case until today when a sudden decision from GM signals on the mid-engine Corvette’s coming.

Tentatively known as the C8 Emperor, the vehicle is heavily linked to run on a V8 engine that is paired to electric motors. The rumors are also indicating that the Corvette will be making its official unveiling at the North American International Auto Show next year.

Well, after GM announced that they will not allow any more factory tours, we can’t help but feel it has something to do with the C8 Emperor. GM is probably done with testing the car and they would want to finalize their upcoming product. Having the factory tours operating like normal will only spoil the big surprise.

As such, we can assume that the C8 Corvette will be making its debut at a major auto show later this year. Our hunch says the next LA Auto Show. What about you?