Mitsubishi Celebrates Death In The Most Creative Manner!

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If you are a fan of cars, then you should be aware of the fact that Mitsubishi is officially dead. The iconic Japanese car manufacturer has got a rich history in the industry but its inability to keep up with rival makes has led the brand to the noose.

Things were so bad for Mitsubishi financially that Nissan came out to purchase the brand. Between the bankruptcy filing and Nissan takeover, something extra interesting happened at a Mitsubishi plant here in the US and we only learned about it today.

It appears that the workers at the plant are fully aware of Mitsubishi’s demise and they were spotted spreading the message in the most creative ways possible.

The workers utilize every tool in the facility to design the phrase “The End!” Today, we came across the phrase on Google Maps and it is clearly visible from aerial view. You can check out the image below and also click here for the link on Google Maps.

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