Mitsubishi Triton Can Aid Nissan Against GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado

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American automakers have found it hard to enjoy strong sales in 2017 but this is with the exception of the pickup truck segment. Despite going on a decline on the overall sales figures, pickup trucks continue to prosper and this is why Nissan is not giving up on competing in the midsized scene.

The Nissan Frontier has enjoyed a gradual incline in sales but the figures achieved are still behind GM. General Motors have got the advantage as there are two pickup trucks competing in the midsized segment and they are the GMC Canyon and the Chevrolet Colorado.

Nissan can try to market the Frontier all they want but it will take some sort of miracle for the consumers to see their pickup truck as an equal to the Colorado. Perhaps, the best method for Nissan to adopt is to launch a second midsized pickup via Mitsubishi.

With Nissan already owning Mitsubishi, they can summon the ever-popular Triton here in the US to compete in the midsized scene alongside the Frontier. Having the Triton around can diversify the segment and also give Nissan a new opportunity at mass marketing.

The Triton is a really popular choice over in emerging markets and it is highly rated for the performance which it has to offer. Would you like to see the Triton here in the US?