Model 3 Can’t Hide The Kia Inside Of Tesla!

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One would say that electric cars are well ahead of its time and we can all thank Tesla for it. The carmaker single-handedly convinced the entire world that electric cars can be as good as ICE cars through producing some of the finest EVs around.

But regardless of how good the Model S, X and 3 can perform, all three cars are far behind vehicles from other makes in terms of build quality.

Just take the picture below as an example. It is a photo of the Model 3 shared by its owner and it exposes the poor build quality of the car. You can easily notice the gaps separating core components on the body and this paints a bad image on Tesla as a whole.

Of course, this is not the first time evidence of poor quality control from Tesla has surfaced online. There are many proofs available but it is only today when we realized that Tesla is pretty much like how Kia was from the 90s.

Back then, Kia was the new kid in the global scene and it was considered as a poor brand due to the poor quality offerings. Over the years, however, Kia drastically improved their products and they are now a major player in the automotive scene. Can Tesla replicate such growth?

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