Model 3 Has Failed To Fix Tesla’s Broken Clock

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Just when we thought that Tesla has truly changed for the better, the carmaker decided to return to the limelight with an unpopular announcement.

Tesla revealed earlier today that their next big product is an EV Semi Truck and their earlier target is for the truck to get unveiled in late September. After seeing the Model 3 not suffering any delays to its development, we can’t help but to assume that lateness is finally out of Tesla’s system.

Well, we are wrong. We are already in the second week of October and there is still no sign of the Semi Truck at all. What’s worst about it is that Tesla has confirmed on the delay and the new date posted for the Semi Truck’s unveiling is on November 16 next month.

It may not sound like much but this is enough to confirm that delays are not completely out of Tesla’s system. With that being said, you should stop expecting the deliveries of the Model 3 to happen in a timely manner at all.