More Signs Point To Chrysler 300 Hellcat Makeover, Will It Happen?

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The Hellcat nameplate has long been a Challenger exclusive but this looks like changing in the near future.

Ever since the Challenger Demon made its debut, Fiat-Chrysler revealed that more vehicles in their line-up will get the 707hp Hellcat treatment. This is already taking shape as Jeep is about to start delivering the first ever 707hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

More signs emerged when Dodge announced on the Challenger Widebody which hints on the development of the Challenger GT Hellcat. The idea of an AWD-powered Hellcat does sound exciting but we don’t think FCA will stop there.

Seeing that the 300 showed huge financial gains when FCA recorded another month of straight financial losses, it is perhaps right for the carmaker to start grooming the car with the 707hp Hellcat mill. Such a treat can turn the 300 into a beast in the world of luxuries.