Move Aside GM, Subaru WRX Is Now King Of Absurd Promotions

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When it comes to automotive marketing, GM is at the top of it all in the field of absurd commercials. They have been utilizing the “Real People, Not Actors” model to promote their cars and it left the majority of viewers cringing.

Today, however, the crown for absurd commercials is no longer with GM as it has been taken away by Subaru. The Japanese carmaker may not have a volume that is as big as GM but that is not stopping them from producing a nerve-wrecking advertisement.

The commercial was released earlier today and it is made to promote the latest WRX. What bothered us is the manner in which the WRX is being promoted. If you are to check out the video below, Subaru called out the WRX to perform a 0-60mph sprint on a slippery surface. To be more precise, the road is filled with banana skin.

The video ended with the WRX completing the sprint in just 6.1 seconds and it is meant to show the unrivalled grip which the car has to offer. But then again, the whole advert looks shady due to the overuse of cinematic effects and the missing scene where the WRX is launching.