Move Aside Jeep Wrangler, Next Mercedes G-Class Promises Best Of All Worlds!

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When someone mentions off-roading, the first vehicle we would imagine is the Jeep Wrangler. This cannot be helped as the 4×4 SUV is simply the best all-terrain vehicle around and it is also an icon in the industry.

The love for the Wrangler has strengthened further after Jeep brought out the new-generation model at the last LA Auto Show. The new Wrangler came out with plenty of improvements made over its predecessor and it also managed to retain the classy look of the original Wrangler.

But despite the goodness that is with the new Wrangler, calling it a work of perfection won’t be right at all. It will take time to see how good the new Wrangler is and until then, it will have to fend off the Mercedes-Benz.

The German luxury brand has confirmed on the development of a new-generation G-Class and the picture above got leaked online earlier today. Like the Wrangler, the G-Class is able to retain is aggressive and boxy appearance despite having new technologies like LED Lamps and a new grille.

The focus with the upcoming G-Class is, however, not with its looks. This is because most of the improvements are made on the performance of the vehicle.

Mercedes has already confirmed on new independent front suspension that will drastically improve on-road and off-road handling. The new suspension, together with an improved powertrain, will allow the next-gen G-Class to approach and departure angles of 31° and 30°.

This is really massive and the icing on the cake is that we don’t have to wait long to check out the next-gen G-Class in person. The vehicle is tipped to make its debut at the annual Detroit Auto Show next week and we will be there to keep you covered.