Move Aside Porsche, Corvette Z06 Is The Ultimate Driver’s Car

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The performance cars from Porsche are commonly described as pure driver’s cars as they are tuned for the best driving experience around and the best part about it is that most sports cars from Porsche are equipped with a traditional manual gearbox.

The 911 GT3, in particular, has long been regarded as the fastest manual production car around but this is no longer the case today. GM’s Chevrolet Corvette has apparently surpassed Porsche in offering the ultimate manual car around and it is the C7 Z06.

The insanely powerful Corvette C7 Z06 had just completed a run on the Nurburgring and it saw the vehicle clocking 7:13.9 on the legendary track. This is insanely fast and it makes the C7 Z06 faster than the 911 GT3. The achievement also means that the C7 Corvette is the fastest manual vehicle to ever race around the ‘Ring.

If you wish to witness the record-breaking moment, you can do so by checking out the video below: