Move Aside RAV4 V6, Toyota Tundra Is Now Fastest!

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About a decade ago, Toyota surprised everyone when it sold the RAV4 with a V6 engine. Everything sounds fine until the consumers realized that the V6 is really overpowered and it makes the RAV4 the fastest production vehicle from Toyota at that period of time.

Today, the V6 is no longer around but it is not missed at all because there is a new champion in Toyota’s camp and it is not the Supra. Instead, it is the Tundra.

The fact that a large pickup truck like the Tundra can offer the fastest performance may sound absurd at first but it is proven to be true. If you are to head out to a Toyota dealer, you will see that Toyota is also offering a supercharger with the Tundra which can boost its performance by a fine margin.

With the upgrade, the Tundra can complete a sprint from 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds thus making it the fastest production Toyota vehicle right now.