Move Aside Wrangler, Rezvani Is Most Apocalypse-Ready

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Somewhere on this globe, there are a number of people thinking that the apocalypse is on the horizon and they are doing whatever it takes to prepare for it.

Well, if you are among them, then you may want to cross-out the Jeep Wrangler from your list of survival items and look into the vehicle pictured above. The armored SUV is called the Rezvani Tank and it can give you a mega boost at your chance of surviving the apocalypse.

The rugged SUV can operate on the roughest of terrains and it comes with a number of defensive features. For starters, there is a 500hp V8 engine that can allow you to quickly escape a sticky situation. Other features worth mentioning include thermal night vision camera, anti-gas attack ventilation system and ballistic armor protection.

The Rezvani Tank is simply the ultimate survival machine and it will cost you about $180,000 to own the vehicle. For the full details, you can check out the video below.