New Dodge Challenger Demon Schools Ford Mustang On Burnouts

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The Ford Mustang is currently the most popular choice for a muscle car but not everyone is skilled enough to handle the vehicle. This explains why most fail videos on YouTube involve the Mustang, especially when the car is attempting to perform a burnout.

So when we came across on the very first clip of the all-new Dodge Challenger Demon performing a burnout, we can help but to rub it in on the bad Ford Mustang drivers.

As how you can see in the video above, the Challenger Demon glided in full style while leaving a large trail of smoke produced by the burnt tire. It was mentioned that the Challenger Demon hit sixth gear when performing the burnout, all-while accelerating to full speed.

The Challenger Demon is simply a sensational vehicle as it has 840hp to offer from a 6.2L V8 engine. The car is tailored for extreme performance hence seeing it getting controlled in the video above suggests that the driver could be the devil himself.