New Honda Civic vs Last Civic Si: Marking The Stick

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How big is the upgrade from the previous generation Honda Civic to the tenth generation model? Well, if you are to consider that the new Civic is better than the Si while in its standard form, then yes – the upgrade is off the charts.

The new Civic made an immediate impact in the market thanks to the 1.5L turbocharged 4-clinder engine which it runs on. The powertrain is able to develop about 174hp while also returning up to 42mpg in fuel economy.

This is really impressive as the previous Civic is way better than the Si’s fuel economy figures but fell slightly short on the pony count front. But then again, the new Civic made up for it as it has more torque to offer than the previous Civic Si.

It goes to say that the old Civic Si has now evolved to become a new norm in the Civic family. Perhaps, it is better if Honda starts talking about the next-gen Civic Si as we are curious to see what it will have to offer.