New Lotus Exige Cup: The Toyota 86 Of Exotics?

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One may argue that every Lotus car produced is an exotic and this is due to its extremely low volume output. On the other hand, the low volume description may be owed to poor sales of Lotus vehicles and not production capacity.

But if you still consider a Lotus to be an exotic like how we do, then it is perhaps right to say that the all-new Exige Cup 430 is pretty much a Toyota 86 in the realm of exotics.

Don’t get us wrong, there is no way for the Exige Cup 430 to get outperformed by the Toyota 86. The former is simply twice more powerful than the Toyota 86 and it even boasts a much more appealing power curve.

The numbers on the Exige Cup 430 may be lower than the competition but a video demonstrating the performance of the car has allowed us to confirm that the vehicle is packed with tons of fun to offer.

The Exige Cup 430 can take on the corners extremely well and we can’t imagine how things would’ve been if Lotus is to equip the vehicle with a much more powerful mill.