New Premium EV Rivals – Tesla Model S vs Lucid Air

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Tesla has done well to establish itself as not only the most revered EV maker in the world, but also the top automotive brand in the US through the eyes of Consumer Reports. That’s why when new EV players join the market, we’re often ever so eager to bestow them the title of ‘Tesla Killer’.

One of these new players is Lucid Air, and it hasn’t taken long for comparisons to be made between the vehicle and the Tesla Model S, this time by Ben Sullins’ Teslanomics on YouTube. The specific Model S being singled out for this head-to-head is its former entry-level 60(kWh) model.

Sullins’ goes into some depth to pit the Model S and its new underdog rival, which is why the video stretches to over 12 minutes. It should still be worth your time, nevertheless, if you’re a Tesla fan in any way.

The video is aptly refers to the Lucid Air as a ‘compelling EV newcomer with an attractive price’ because of its starting tag of only $52,500 or about $15,000 cheaper than the Model S 60. That should get buyers a premium RWD ride with 240 miles of single-charge range, 400hp, autonomous-ready tech, and a bunch of other interesting specs and goodies.

Anyway, you can check out the comparison video here: