Next A-Class Sedan Hands C-Class Greater Purpose

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Mercedes-Benz may be the king of mass-market luxury but this does not mean everything they produce turns into diamond-studded creations.

Just look at a decade ago for reference. The entry level C-Class was significantly behind the larger E-Class in terms of luxuries although it was still able to sell well thanks to badge. Things have improved for the C-Class today and it is partly thanks to having the CLA-Class around.

Mercedes loyalists never liked the CLA-Class due to the vehicle lacking the typical luxuries of its siblings. Soon, Mercedes will launch the A-Class Sedan to accompany the CLA-Class and it may have a pretty basic cabin.

Spy shots are already indicating on a low-end offering with the A-Class sedan – much like how it is with the CLA-Class. If this is to be the case, then we can expect the C-Class to get upgraded further to be more in-line with the likes of E-Class and S-Class.

The A-Class Sedan is tipped to be Mercedes overdue response to the Audi A3 and it will be debuting towards the end of this year.