Next Acura MDX Will Get A New Game-Changing Feature!

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When asked for a reason on why you should get an Acura, the only answer we have is SH-AWD. The drivetrain that is exclusively available on the vehicles from Acura is rated highly for offering a splendid balance in performance and handling. SH-AWD simply adds some life to the commute on an Acura.

But on the downside of things, it looks like SH-AWD is the only thing that is great about Acura. The cabin-quality and technology are pretty average hence leaving Acura in the shadows of rival Lexus.

Well, this will look to change in the near future as Acura had just announced on a new game-changing feature that will get installed on all their new vehicles. The feature is a completely customizable infotainment system that will function through a touchpad resting below the gear switch.

The precise positioning of the feature as well as customizability will ensure that drivers will get quick, smooth and accurate control of the things they want to play on the infotainment system.

For years, many have described the MDX as a Honda Pilot with SH-AWD but this can all change once the vehicle wears the new infotainment setup.

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  1. Keith

    May 16, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Is this for the 2019 model year?