Next Alfa Romeo Giuletta, MiTo: Casted Away For Stelvio

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Old products from Alfa Romeo like the Giuletta and the MiTo are not getting a lot of love from their maker as they are getting deprived of a new generation model.

This was confirmed by Alfa Romeo earlier today when their head of development revealed that the next-gen Giuletta and MiTo are not in their future plans, at least here in the US. Even so, the firm won’t be working on a new Giuletta or MiTo anytime soon and this is due to their focus on the Stelvio.

The upcoming SUV from Alfa Romeo is the company’s next major target at the moment as they look to extend their successful streak that started with the return of the Giulia. The Stelvio is going to be built on the same platform that is being used by the Giulia and it also likely to come with a Quadrifoglio trim.

Knowing that SUVs are the most popular choice in the automotive world right now, it shows how important the Stelvio is to Alfa Romeo and this is enough to cast aside the next-gen Giuletta and MiTo.