Next Audi R8 V10 Wants To Beat BMW, Mercedes At Their Own Game

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One of the most anticipated cars right now is the next Audi R8 V10 and it is easy to understand why. Aside from promising even greater speed than the current R8, the next model will be adopting a rear-wheel system.

Audi has confirmed that there will be an RWD option with the next R8 V10 and this is pretty unusual from the carmaker. Audi has long favored AWD and this is why many can’t wait to see how an R8 with RWD will perform.

It is also worth noting that RWD has long been the way for Audi’s rivals – Mercedes and BMW. So if the R8 is able to beat its rival hypercars, it would make the victory extra special for Audi.

The rear-wheel operated R8 V10 will be making its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this week and we will update here with the full information on the car.

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