Next Audi R8 Wants To Be A 2007 Nissan GTR!

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About a decade ago, Nissan shook the world when it launched the GTR. The vehicle enjoyed an impactful debut as it has the power to outpace most supercars at that time while also retailing significantly below the market average.

It is also worth noting that back then, the supercars were mostly fitted with a V8 or V12. The GTR grabbed the attention of the masses when it competed with a V6 engine.

With that in mind, we can’t help but to expect history to repeat itself in the near future. Audi has confirmed on the development of a different kind of R8 and the vehicle is now described as an entry-level model.

The word is that the upcoming R8 will be the first of its kind to rely on a 2.9L V6 engine and this implies that it will be weaker than the V10-powered R8. However, the entry-level R8 will still be exceptionally fast as the V6 mill will be tuned for extreme performance.

If Audi manage to bring out the best of the V6 on the R8, we may see the entry-level vehicle being a world-beater while also being more affordable than its rivals.