Next BMW M2: Digital Oil Gauge On The Cards?

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The BMW M2 is easily the most popular M-Car around and this is mostly due to its approachable sticker price. With that in mind, it explains the great deal of hype shown towards the next-gen M2 and many are curious to see how the car performs.

The next M2 promises to be a revolutionary upgrade from the current model as it will ride on the S55 engine and also feature a thoroughly improved cabin. But upon observing the pictures of the M2 that were released by BMW very recently ago, we can’t help but to notice the absence of an oil temperature gauge.

Such a feature was not available on the previous M2 and it got us wondering if BMW don’t think it is necessary to have it on the car. Then again, the description of the car quoted the use of centrally located oil gauge. The fact that it is not noticeable greatly suggests on the use of a digital oil gauge.

Well, we would accept that than not having anything at all because we greatly refer to the oil temperature gauge when cold starting the M2. What do you think the outcome will be like?

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