Next BMW M5 Shows Off Greater Speed From Lighter Body

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BMW is about to expand its performance line-up and one of the vehicles that is in development is the next M5. The future M5 is expected to take performance of luxury sports sedans up one level and we finally managed to get a good look on how it is going to be like.

A video of an M5 prototype running some tests around the track surfaced online earlier today and it took our breaths away. This cannot be helped as the M5 is confirmed to have AWD as its standard drivetrain all while being lighter in weight.

The car is also confirmed not to come with dual-clutch transmission hence we can expect the car to run on standard automatics. Either way, the M5 looks really fast and it made us curious on what could be lying underneath the hood of the car.

The full details will have to wait until BMW unveils the M5, which is expected to happen later this year. Are you excited with what you are seeing so far?