Next BMW X5 Gets Officialized After Prototype Went Viral!

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About 24 hours ago, we shared with you a spy photo of a mysterious SUV from BMW and tipped it to be the next-gen X5. We are pretty confident it is an unannounced X5 because the prototype looks very different from the upcoming X7.

Well, it is now official and our tip was right all along. BMW revealed that a new X5 is in the works and a concept of the vehicle will be making its debut towards the end of this year.

The X5 on the spy shots hint on a bumped-up measurement with new cabin features to offer. We can say that the vehicle promises better proportions and we are also confident that the next X5 will debut together with a number of hybrid trims

The full details are reserved for a reveal somewhere in Q4 this year and we will have to wait until then to learn more about the upcoming X5.