Next BMW X5 May Fool You Into Thinking X7!

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BMW may have not started talks on the development of the next-gen X5 but that hasn’t stopped the SUV crowd from anticipating its coming. There is no need for an official confirmation because the X5 success has guaranteed the development of a sequel and this is now being backed up by spy photos.

The first spy picture for the next-gen X5 has surfaced online and it was captured in the US. Despite not having an X5 tag, the prototype is likely to be the next-gen model and this is especially when the vehicle does not look anything like the X7 spy shots that have surfaced online.

Many that have viewed the spy photo initially thought it to be the X7 due to the larger than usual size and the overused window panes behind the rear door and we admit to making that same mistake.

However, upon comparing the spy photo with the upcoming X7, the vehicle looks very different and we are certain it is the X5. Are you excited?