Next BMW Z4 Is Starting To Forget About Toyota Supra!

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By now, most of you should know that BMW is developing the next-gen Z4 and the car is being developed alongside the next-gen Toyota Supra. This means that both vehicles will be sharing a lot of parts together but the finish will be different since the two cars are tailored for different markets.

Today, BMW went public to stress that the Z4 won’t be anything like the Supra. BMW’s Marc Werner was loud in sharing that the Z4 will have a unique design so it won’t be identified as a Toyota Supra.

Even the performance is said to be true to a BMW. The carmaker revealed that the Z4 will boast the best in-class handling and on-road performance. We don’t know about you but these remarks feel like BMW don’t want the public to associate the Z4 with Toyota.

Unlike Toyota, BMW is competing in the premium market and they can’t have people viewing the Z4 like it is just a twin car to the Supra. At least, that’s how it sounded like. What do you think?