Next BMW Z4 Pulls A Stunner On Driving Enthusiasts

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It is no secret that BMW is developing the next-gen Z4 but the car won’t be called the Z5. BMW America’s Ludwig Willisch shared earlier today that they won’t be calling the next-gen roadster the Z5. While the finalized name is unknown at the moment, Ludwig teased that it will retain the name Z4.

Development of the Z4 has been going on for years now but we still don’t have a clue on what the vehicle will have to offer. Yes there are spy shots available on the next-gen Z4 but they don’t tell anything on the car’s engine and transmission option.

Well, seeing that the Z4 is going to be built as a performance roadster just like how it was with past models, many are speculating that the car will come with a manual gearbox. But then again, Ludwig has a different opinion about it.

Ludwig is aware that manuals are loved for the fun and purity which they offer and there have been a lot of requests for manuals in sports cars. However, the market is forcing BMW away from manual transmissions due to poor sales prospects. Even if there is a clear demand for manuals, the loudmouths will end up getting an automatic.

Such a remark basically confirms that the Z4 won’t be adopting a manual gearbox due to the poor prospects on the sales front.