Next Bronco, Ranger Shows Ford Is Smarter Than Jeep

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It is no secret that Ford is bringing back the Bronco and Ranger from the dead and both vehicles are expected to arrive before 2020. The 4×4 and pickup truck will be equipped with the best features around and this gives them great prospect for success.

But then again, it won’t be a walk in the park for the Bronco and Ranger as they will be challenged by Jeep. Jeep is about to launch a new generation Wrangler and they are also working on a brand new midsized pickup truck.

As exciting as it sounds, the events in development are showing that Ford is smarter than Jeep in spending. A report surfaced online earlier today and it confirmed that Ford is spending only $850 million to retool their plants for the development of the Bronco and Ranger. Meanwhile, Jeep is spending $700 million on the Toledo plant just for the Wrangler-based pickup truck.

It shows that Ford is spending more but the money is for two vehicles. Jeep, on the other hand, is splurging on a single vehicle. This may not tell much but it does hint on the Bronco and the Ranger being more affordable than the vehicles from Jeep due to the smaller development cost. What do you think?