Next Cadillac CT6: Better Maps Can Defeat Tesla Autopilot

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Autonomous technology is fast growing to become a major feature in the automotive industry and many carmakers are anticipating the self-driving future. The pace of development became faster right after Tesla rolled out the Autopilot system.

As of today, there has yet to be any carmaker that is able to rival what Tesla is offering but this won’t be the case later this year. Aside from the ProPilot system from Nissan which will debut on the next-gen Leaf, GM is also hoping to launch Super Cruise on their cars.

The Super Cruise system will be debuting on the next Cadillac CT6 and it is described to be “the industry’s first true hands-free driving technology for the highway.”

While we may have yet to see a demonstration of Super Cruise, GM was quoted saying that the feature won’t need any hands on the wheel. The system will instead monitor the head movement of the driver to ensure that he or she keeps his eyes on the road at all times.

The game changer against Autopilot would be with the mapping system on Super Cruise. Unlike Tesla, GM does not have a collection of data to develop a flawless navigation service hence they have ditched volume mapping data for one that is developed by them from scratch.

GM says that the mapping data will continuously update itself via LIDAR, a kind of highly precise 3D laser imaging system which will allow the Cadillac CT6 to anticipate any road changes ahead of time. Could this be enough to stop the cars from Tesla?