Next Dodge Charger Can Pull-Off An EV Cliché

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If there is one thing lacking with Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, it will have to be EVs. The group of carmakers don’t have many EVs in its line-up and the models that are present aren’t even selling well.

The solution here is for FCA to develop more EVs and they can take advantage of their respective brand images. For example, a Jeep EV can be one that is tailored for a rugged adventure. As for Dodge, they can actually do well by having a performance EV.

Dodge has long been the go-to name for sports cars hence a sporty EV vehicle will serve FCA well. It can be an easy task for Dodge to pull off as they already have the Charger. The name Charger may represent the supercharged engine it runs on but it can now look to add another meaning, electric charges.

When fitted with a performance EV outfit, the Charger can live up to the definition of its name regardless of how cliché it may sound. We prefer to think of it as a pun that can work out well.